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capture a memory in beautiful black & white

The light touch of a digital pencil
will turn your photo into a timeless pencil
drawing style masterpiece.



"It's wonderful!"
Lisa P. - Dec. 2013

Removing the background from the original
photo ramatically changes a quick snapshot
of this HOT ROD into a wonderful gift.


Three generations of serving our country.

Four photos are combined into a unique
to honor a very 
special family. 


"You turned a snapshot into
a contemporary work of art!
Allen H. - Dec 2012


"Thank You! I love the art"
Marita H. - Dec. 2015




To honor our troops or a veteran, a
new background can be added to a
picture to make it a truly



An old and a current photo have been
combined to create this very personal
Patriotic Portrait. A big 'THANK YOU'
and some color in the American Flag make
it an extra special tribute.


"I really like it a lot! Thanks so much.
I enjoyed working with you"
Lauren G. - Dec. 2012 A very nice example of how we
together can turn a photo into a work of art
for 'a man who has everything'.


"It looks WONDERFUL!!! This horse is
one of my favorites to 
He always looks so nice. You did an amazing job
with the background too!"
Summer M. - July 2013


"This is beautiful. Thank you. 
I am a proud mama"
K.J. - Feb 2012



A beautiful example of a GERMAN SHEPHERD
pencil sketch masterpiece. A MilltownART
pet portait is a fantastic gift idea for any pet lover.

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Learn more about MilltownART Photo to Artwork servicesSee MilltownART photo to printed artwork options and pricesStart a free photo to oil painting - watercolors - or pencil sketch

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